Fist Trap

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“Don’t go out alone tonight – you might get caught in a Fist Trap, Club Inferno’s latest abduction fantasy. Evan Matthews leads a cast of handball predators who deliver action so shocking you won’t believe your eyes. Once you’re caught you may never want to escape the Fist Trap.

You’ll wonder who’s the prey and who’s the predator when Adam Russo finds Evan Matthews blindfolded and restrained in an abandoned warehouse. Matthews willingly takes every toy Russo shoves up his ass, eventually demanding more. Matthews astonishes Russo by opening his hole to display a brilliant rosebud before sucking in Russo’s entire arm past the elbow.

After a hard day at work Sage Daniels strips down and fingers his twitching hole. Just as he starts to fuck himself with a man-size dildo, Leo Forte returns to the warehouse and catches him in the act. Daniels takes one look at Forte standing there stroking his fat cock and offers up his hole. Forte pounds the massive butt-toy into Daniels’ ass then rolls over and opens his hole for some assplay. After taking turns fucking each other with giant dildos they jack off and blow their loads together; a perfect way to end the day.

Chris Kohl and Ethan Hudson break into a machine shop for some after-hours butt play. After licking ass and sucking cock, Ethan breaks out the anaconda; a double-headed 3-foot long dildo. They lube up the giant ass snake and each ride an end, fucking themselves and each other at the same time. When Ethan pulls out the rubber gloves Chris assumes the position and opens his puckered hole for Ethan’s fists. Ethan punch fucks Chris then straddles his face and jacks his load all over his filthy fuck buddy.

Zeke Skye works in an S&M sex club where a co-worker tells him that he has a hot fisting-bottom tied up in the basement, ready for action. Always horny, Zeke investigates and finds Lance Navarro, a 6’3″ giant with an enormous uncut cock, pierced scrotum, and insatiable hole. Zeke immediately puts on his rubber gloves and gets to work fisting Lance’s tight, greedy ass. The fisting makes Lance’s monster-cock rock hard and Zeke can’t resist taking it for a ride. He sits down and bounces on Lance’s cock until Lance pulls out and blows his load.”

Cast: Adam Russo, Evan Matthews, Chris Kohl, Ethan Hudson, Lance Navarro, Leo Forte, Sage Daniels, Zeke Skye
Director: Christian Owen, Richard Board
Country: US
Year: 2010
Studio : Club Inferno, Hot House Video

Download Fist Trap [720p] via 3.63 GB
Download Fist Trap [720p] via 3.63 GB
Download Fist Trap [720p] via 3.63 GB
Download Fist Trap [720p] via 3.63 GB
Download Fist Trap [720p] via 3.63 GB
Download Fist Trap [720p] via 3.63 GB