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Guilty As Sin

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Tech billionaire Lawson James has made some important updates to his living will, some of which require his two sons to keep the family’s name and business legacy untarnished. When company attorney Cole Connor explains the new stipulations to the two brothers, they both pledge their loyalty to their father and the wildly successful business he founded. They’ve never afforded each other the same allegiance, however, spinning a web of deceit that will leave one brother filthy rich and the other Guilty as Sin. From directors Tony Dimarco and Ben Rush, this boundary-pushing thrill ride and its cast of rugged fuckers are out to prove that betrayal never comes from your enemies. There can be no presumption of innocence when everyone is Guilty as Sin. Upon hearing about the new revisions to his boss‘ will, Drew Valentino wants to make sure that Lawson James remembers that he’s more than just an executive assistant. On the other side of town, hopeful heir Owen James (Beau Butler) is returning home early and surprising secret boyfriend and doorman Derek Kage with an array of new sexual interests.

Surveillance experts Jack Andy and Jackson Radiz secretly record their entire flip-fuck through the window and eventually find themselves horny enough to forget about their wives and drain each other’s cocks right then and there while still on the job. Back at James Industries, Lawson James is learning that a member of his own family is attempting to deceive him and makes an emergency call to Drew Valentino to have lawyer Cole Connor revise his will. It doesn’t take long for the mogul’s executive assistant to relay the message as he’s already in bed naked with the attorney. The drama all comes to a climax with a tension-filled confrontation in the executive conference room where bodyguards Romeo Davis and Chris Damned ensure their cut of the James will as they stuff the billionaire’s son (Beau) at both ends.

Year: 2022
Studio: Raging Stallion Studios
Actors: Chris Damned, Derek Kage, Lawson James, Drew Valentino, Cole Connor, Beau Butler, Romeo Davis, Jackson Radiz, Jack Andy

Download Guilty As Sin [1080p] via 5.26 GB

Download Guilty As Sin [1080p] via 5.26 GB

Download Guilty As Sin [1080p] via 5.26 GB

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