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Enzo is at home chilling when he receives a mysterious package containing one of those new HomoPods. The sophisticated, always-listening speaker starts talking to him while he’s jerking off and tries to get in on the action when Louis Ricaute just happens to be passing by. HomoPod senses his presence and calls him out so Enzo can get a piece of this handsome, muscular, hairy man. He gets down on his knees and gets to work so he can get his ass fucked by Louis’s throbbing cock.

HomoPod is feeling frisky and connects Enzo’s contact list to his database. Unbeknownst to him, HomoPod ends up arranging a date with muscular stud Diego Reyes, so of course, Enzo is surprised to see him standing there when he opens the door. He tries to explain that he didn’t actually create the date, but Diego’s already decided he wants a piece of this tall, handsome man. Too horny to turn him away, Enzo invites Diego in for a steamy sex session.

HomoPod is tired of only being able to hear sexy Enzo get fucked. He wants some of that muscular ass too! HomoPod buys himself a human body and uploads his memory into Paddy O’Brian’s hunky, hot bod. Enzo can’t believe his eyes! He’s excited to explore HomoPod’s new body starting with his straight, big dick. He turns that ass around for a wet tonguing before propping that ass up so Paddy can fuck his hole hard and deep.

Year: 2018
Stars: Diego Reyes, Enzo Rimenez, Louis Ricaute, Paddy O’Brian
Studio: Men.com

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